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Чемпионат России
30 марта 11:30
Молодёжное первенство
29 марта 00:00
Енисей М
Енисей М
Рубин М
Рубин М
Pavel Mogilevets: "We have Won which is the Most...
Kurban Berdyev «It was Nice to Return to our Sweet Old...
Mikhail Galaktionov: It was a Logical Victory of Rubin
Rubin vs Akhmat - 3:2
FC Rubin vs FC Akhmat. Matchday.
Roman Sharonov: "Losing Balls did not Let us Win Today"
Rubin U21 vs Akhmat U21 – 1:1
Rubin U21 vs Akhmad U21 Live Coverage
Rubin and Akhmad Reserves Kick off at 18.00
Ivelin Popov: "FC Akhmat are a Good and Motivated Team"
Kurban Berdyev: We're Preparing for the Upcoming Game in...
Happy Birthday!
Grigory Nodelman Turns 91!
Information for Press and Media: Open Training
Soslan Dzhanaev Named MOM
FC Rubin Have Returned to the Club's Training Ground
Rubin vs Akhmat Fixture to be Officiated by Aleksey...
Rubin vs Akhmat: Info for Season Ticket Holders
Ivelin Popov: "We Dominated but Conceded a Goal"
Kurban Berdyev: "The Stadium has Left a Positive Impression"
FC Ural vs FC Rubin. Matchday
Roman Sharonov: "Goals Scored by Lobanov are the Result...
Ural U21 vs Rubin U21 – 1:3
Ivelin Popov´s Goal Named Best Goal of the Month

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