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Rubin 1-1 Ufa: Egor Sorokin's Comment


Russian Premier League gameweek 25. Rubin 1-1 Ufa: Egor Sorokin shares his impressions from today’s match

- Are you satisfied with today’s result taking into account the run of play?

- We are not satisfied. We are not pleased, we need points, we want to win and it was only a draw today at home with Ufa. I think, it’s not good.

- It’s been a 7-game non-winning streak. Did this affect?

-A nonwinning streak affects to certain extent both players and supporters which results in low attendance. It affects you when you step on the pitch, but one must try to cope with it, overcome and win matches despite the bad streak.  

- Was it due to the fact that Rubin had almost no goalscoring chances in the first half?  

- We were a little bit nervous about the result. It might happen when you’re on a nonwinning streak

- Is today’s goal a rehearsed piece? Who helped you with the rehearsal? Was it Oleg Kuzmin who was the newest member of the coaching staff?

- We all help each other. The coaches help us a lot, share their experiences and information with us. It was a set-piece. I was able to score thanks to the team’s efforts, thanks to those guys who had won the free kick for us, to the partner who took the cross and our good movements during the delivery.

- It’s your fifth goal of the season

- We carry on

- Mr. Berdyev was saying, that you had a goalscoring instinct. What does it mean?

- Frankly, I don’t know. It’s hard to comment. A defender must seek to score as long as he is involved in a set-piece. I have to be aggressive and that’s what I’m trying to do. I have been successful in terms of goalscoring so far. I’ve scored five times. Hopefully, I will score another couple of goals.

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