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César Navas Announces his Retirement


FC Rubin legend Cesar Navas announces his retirement as a football player


The decision

I've been thinking of retirement for a long time. First of all, my decision has to do with my family. I want to spend more time with them. During my playing career, they were staying in Spain while I was here in Russia. We agreed to rescind the contract so that I could have played until this winter. It was a hard decision to make. Football is my life. And after giving it a lot of thought, I have decided. I always tried to be an important player both on and off the pitch and help my partners. It may seem a little bit unusual for my partners at first, but I have faith in our young guys and they surely will be able to substitute me. 


10 years in Russia


I thought it would be only three years when I arrived here at first, but I was impressed by the coaching staff, their faith in me, I really appreciated it and it made me stay here in Russia for 10 years. Before coming to Russia in 2009 I did not know whether I really wanted it to happen. I did not know much about the Russian League or the club, but I took a chance and don´t regret at all. Every season was full of great memories. It was an amazing experience but unfortunately I have to retire now


New Friends

It was a great time I spent here in Kazan and I met so many amazing people. I got along with the guys at the club, we are friends and hopefully we will be in touch with them. So either I will come here to Kazan or they visit me in Spain



There was an amusing anecdote.  It happened a few years ago. So, imagine there is a small truck to bring the football material to the pitch for a training session. The driver comes and cannot find the truck because me, Bochetti and Ansaldi drove it away. The man was so mad saying "I know it's you". It was so funny (laughs)


I´ve never had enough time to catch up with my family and friends. Now it´s time for me to stay by their side and give them all my love and joy. Then I plan to stay in football industry, but I still don´t know in what capacity, maybe either as a coach or an assistant coach


We have great supporters and I want to thank all of them them for their support. Guys, I´ve always felt your love both on matchdays and off the pitch. I wish every success and big victories to our fans, city and the club. See you, guys!

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