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Kurban Berdyev: The Bigger the Challenge, the More Interesting the Match Will Be


Rubin Head Coach, Kurban Berdyev shares his expectations from the upcoming ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD-16 fixture against Zenit Saint-Petersburg.

- Mr. Berdyev, how has this week been for the team?

- Well, it’s been a normal training week, nothing new.

- Have you analyzed the last weekend´s mistakes? What should be done in order not to repeat them?

- Well, we keep making the same mistakes, the boys understand it and this situation makes them suffer as well. So we will try to minimize our losses at the last minutes of matches.

- What is your opinion regarding this season Zenit?

- It´s a good team, quite a skilled and qualified side. Their recent defeat against Lokomotiv should not confuse us. If they had converted those opportunities they had, the match scenario could have been totally different. They are a top team. The bigger the challenge, the more interesting the match will be.

-Kudryashov was substituted in the match against Ufa. Was it an injury-related substitution? Will he be fit to play against Zenit?

- Yes, it was because of the injury. As for today, he is training individually. We will see, there are still three days left.

- Ilzat Akhmetov is playing quite well for the youth team and shows quite a good performance there. Is this enough for you to involve him in the first team games?

- No, this is not enough. U21 is one thing and the first team is totally different. We are following him while he is training with the first team. At the moment he is training quite well. There are certain positive changes in him, especially in his mentality. This is the most important thing.

- How would you evaluate Ruben Rochina´s performance in his recent match against Ufa?

- Not bad, in general, except for some situations where he tried to complicate simple things which resulted in unforced dispossession.

- How does Dzhanaev feel?

- He’s training with the team now ahead of this match. As for the last game we preferred not to jeopardize his health but now he is preparing with the team.

- Did his absence affect?

- No, I wouldn’t say that.

- Rubin is going to be fresher and less tired by this weekend as compared to Zenit who will have played in the Europa League. Would it affect?

- No, it all does not matter. Those clubs who are playing both in Russian league and European competitions are ready for this challenge and prepare for it in terms of fitness training as well. In addition, they are having quite a deep squad, so they are going to make a team rotation for sure.

- What would you say about Roberto Mancini? Is his Zenit resemble the Inter or Manchester City he managed before?

- It´s a different environment for him now. He needs time. It´s quite possible that he will win the league title, but they need time. As for his peculiar signature style, the one I know, he still needs time.

- Do you note Rubin progress in comparison to what it was like at the beginning of the season?

- Changing the mentality is the most difficult thing. There is certain progress in this, which is the most important thing. Now I can see this progress, in terms of attitude, in particular. We hope that everything will be okay.

- Could you dwell a little bit more on the mentality issue you’ve mentioned?

- It’s a huge and complex subject which cannot be explained in a few words.

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