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Javier Gracia: «We were playing against very good team»


Head coach of the FC Rubin Javier Gracia commented the results of the match against FC Ufa, which took place in the 13th tour of the ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship.

— Match was difficult. FC Ufa is a very good team. Despite the fact that they have played most of the game with only nine players, they were trying to win the match. Unfortunately, we have made many mistakes in defense and made task for our opponent easier. However, we have finally won the away match. To sum up, our team managed to do a lot, but we have moments, which could be better. We were playing today against very good team, I want to congratulate FC Ufa, because they have such remarkable team.

— Tell please about your substitutions. What’s with Kanunnikov?

— Substitution of Maksim Kanunnikov was necessary, because he has suspected damage to the backside of the thigh. We should wait until definitive diagnosis. With Mijo Caktaš instead of Alex Song we wanted to make center stronger and more solid. Mijo was playing great in last matches. With Sergio Sánchez instead of Moritz Bauer we wanted a more defensive player. We had to make our defense stronger. Today our defense had made mistakes, including crosses from the flank. The second goal was scored by FC Ufa after such cross.

— A match ago, when two of your players got red cards, you were dissatisfied about referees. Could you say that today referee also has made mistakes?

— No, I can’t say that. All red cards were reasonable. The second card should be given even earlier for that player.

— Are you satisfied how Rifat Zhemaletdinov went into the match?

— Rifat has got wonderful skills, he is called to the Russian national team U21 not for nothing. We are looking forward to use his help. His future depends on him only, how he will be working. We are expecting, he will play better and better every day.

— Why FC Ufa, while having for one or two players less, had more moments than FC Rubin?

— Maybe, result of the first time made team afraid of losing the match. We have to admit, we didn’t show our best game. I consider, team played good the first time except for conceded goal before half time. I have already said, FC Ufa has a very good team, and we made mistakes in defense. But we also had good moments, like Jonathas and Zhemaletdinov had.

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